Resume of Qualifications


Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with honors
University of Colorado, Boulder.
Triple Major: Marketing, Finance and Psychology.
Minor: Economics.

Continuing education in Business and Psychology

Medical Certificate in Herbal Medicine - Republic of China


United States Air Force, issued secret security clearance by FBI & honorably discharged.


Dale Carnegie Management Seminar

Various electronics courses
Chinese Kung-Fu Training:
    Awarded Blackbelt and Sifu in:
    • Hop-Ga-Sou Kung-Fu
    • Chin-Na Kung Fu
    • Jeet-Kune-Do Kung-Fu
    • Wing-Chun Kung Fu
    • Eagle-Claw Kung-Fu
    • Dim-Mak Kung Fu
Japanese Karate Training:
     Earned Level of 6th Dan (Rokudan) Black Belt and Sensei
              Kenpo Karate


Colorado Real Estate License
Certifications Single and Multi-Engine Private Pilot License-Land and Sea
Helicopter Pilot License
Formula Race Car Drivers License
Auto Dealers License
Private Investigator
Researcher-Chinese (Long Life) Research Institute of People's Republic of China
NRA (National Rifle Association) Certified Instructor


Honorary Captain-Denver Police Department

  • Complete entertainment complex creation and management
  • Demographic, market and feasibility studies
  • Personnel management and development
  • Recruiting, hiring, administration and delegation
  • Supervising construction and finish
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion
  • Budget development and maintenance
  • Cost control, financial forecasting and competitive analysis
  • Government relations
  • Salary, benefit and incentive administration
  • Team building
  • Extensive experience in corporate litigation and contracts
  • Innovative; has constantly maintained leadership in the rapidly changing entertainment and hospitality industry
  • Self-starter, sincere
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Proven ability to take projects from concept to completion and day to day operation while breaking all records for quality, profitability, longevity and market leadership in the process
  • Demonstrating foresight in incorporating multi-use facility design and flexible marketing concepts to allow for future market and demographic changes
  • A respected leader; retains staff and management employees far longer than industry average
  • Self-motivated and confident
  • Proven management team builder
  • Strong moral character
  • Creative, innovative and persuasive


Martial Arts, Automobiles, Skydiving, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Boating, Shooting, Fishing, Flying, and Motorcycles


  • Self-supporting entrepreneur since age 16.
  • Has personally conducted on-site entertainment market research and competitive analysis in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Far East.
  • Proven performance as a market leader.


A unique combination of creativity, systematic planning, management controls and "street smart" marketing instincts; "selling the sizzle as well as the steak". Managing all aspects of the design, development and operation of high-concept entertainment centers that are truly in a class by themselves in markets all over the country. Successfully conducting the far more difficult task of maintaining a market leadership position year after year.


Herbal Power, Inc.
Have secured superior herbal products with exclusive right to market products in North and South America. Research & development of Chinese natural herb formulas for nutritional supplement & internal and external health and strength. Conducted more than 10 years of research of the natural healing powers of the body combined with martial arts

1974 to present

Independent Consultant
In high demand as a consultant in the design, construction and operation of entertainment centers due to reputation as a successful industry leader with high integrity. Provide technical assistance on interior design, sound and lighting systems, advice on facilities and personnel management, etc. Consulted club owners in Ohio, Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Texas and Colorado.

1972 to present

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Entertainment Concepts, Ltd., Denver, Colorado
(Creater of of After the Gold Rush, The Rush, Rodeo and Hollywood Legends)
After extensive, world-wide market research and competitive analysis, created an effective and truly innovative entertainment center concept including:
  • Management: Extensive and systematic management training system including rotation to preserve fresh outlook.
  • Facilities: Spectacular lighting and sound systems, game rooms, quiet rooms to allow for conversation (while affording view of the dance floor), labyrinth entrance for crowd control and hide view of the dance floor, well lighted and patrolled parking, separate security room to hold problem guests until authorities arrive. Building designed for easy conversion to other uses.
  • Staff: Entertainment Coordinator - Special training in group psychology, sound, lighting and promotions for a high energy environment.
    Wait Staff- Emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.
    Floormen - "Watchdogs" trained in conflict identification and resolution, rapport and customer service.
    Bartenders - Given leeway to create new drink combinations.
    Encouraged to juggle, dance, etc. during slack times to maintain interest.
    All staff wears specially designed uniforms to provide a fashionable, yet easily recognizable appearance. Extensive training and support is provided.
    All personnel (including management) are cross trained to provide staffing flexibility.
  • Promotions: Entertainment coordinators promote the clubs internally. A cost effective advertising program (primarily radio) has been devised and tested. Joint and cross promotions with other businesses are fully exploited. The club caters to multiple markets through creative music formatting and customized music nights such as country, new wave, disco, rock-n-roll nights, etc. Regular special events (fashion and car shows, guest appearances by professional athletes and other celebrities) provide additional variety. The club officially participates in fund raising events for prominent charities and community groups. All marketing campaigns are conceived and developed in-house, with advertising production by company personnel on the appropriate equipment.
  • Continuing Expansion: The overall concept and execution has proven to be very effective. After The Gold Rush continues to retain employees and maintain profit margins far in excess of industry trends. The organization has successfully responded to changes in government regulations. After proving and perfecting the concept, additional After The Gold Rush Entertainment centers have been opened:

    Bozeman, Montana- April 1974
    Sioux City, Iowa - May 1975
    Greeley, Colorado- September 1975
    Dallas, Texas- March 1976
    Great Falls, Montana - April 1976
    Columbus Ohio - October 1981
    Phoenix, Arizona- March 1983
    Denver, Colorado (After The Gold Rush) - November 1983
    Minneapolis/St. Paul- September 1986
    Indianapolis, Indiana- August 1987

    Centers are supported in site selection, design, marketing, advertising, promotions, administration, accounting, licensing, training and troubleshooting. Continuing evaluation of operations is provided by performing planned and unplanned inspections using comprehensive and systematic rating methods.

1983 to 1989

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Sheraton Graystone Castle Hotel/Entertainment Complex, Denver, Colorado.
Complete concept, design and execution of revolutionary hotel/night club complex. Convincing main line Sheraton Hotel chain to lend credibility to the project through a hotel franchise.
Managing design, construction and final finish of complex consisting of:
  • 150 room hotel (expandable to 300).
  • Meeting facilities for 10 to 1200 guests.
  • Pool, sauna and exercise rooms.
  • Large suites convertible to private meeting rooms.
  • State of the art teleconferencing facilities.
  • 18,000 square foot, two level nightclub capable of accommodating 1,300 guests.
  • Unique castle-like interior and exterior design.
  • Design with no load-bearing walls means facilities can be easily remodeled or converted to other uses.

Broke world-wide Sheraton records for pre-opening quality and customer service.